The second book in the series Poetic Justice: Oxford will be published by The Book Guild on 28th September and is available on line through Waterstones, The Telegraph Bookshop, The Book Guild, Amazon and most outlets, both here and abroad.

Fran has signed another publishing contract with The Book Guild and the media campaign is in full swing. The contract covers film rights, should the series take off.

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Her persistence paid off as in January she was offered a publishing contract with The Book Guild, which she accepted.

The first book Poetic Justice: The Dawning was released on 28th August and is still available in all major bookstores and outlets, both on line and in store. It created enough interest for readers to enquire when the next book in the series would be available.

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Fran reached the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest in the ‘retro’ category with her song ‘Out of The Blue’. Very good result considering there were over 2000 entries.

On the literary front she completed the first book of a planned series and submitted it to multiple agents and publishers. The theme is that of a thriller, with a paranormal edge.



Fran has been working on several literary projects over the past few years and also targeting artists with songs from her catalogue.
  She is writing an ongoing series of novels and is getting favourable replies.  She is submitting to agents as well as literary publishers.

Musically there are several irons in the fire, including an Italian cover of her John Lennon tribute song 'Hardest Part Of All'.

The German rock band, Velvet Steel, have only just released their 20th anniversary album in March 2016 as their lead singer, Robert Steiner, worked on several solo albums in between. 
Fran's song 'Gamble On Love' made the final cut and is featured on their album 'Thunderous Rain'. 
It is available in CD format and on via numerous digital downloads from Internet stores.  The musicians are from both Germany and the US.  It is selling well and Robert Steiner has been in touch with Fran and asked for more material.  He likes what she has sent him and told her he is 'collecting' her songs for his next project.

The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers have featured an image of the album 'Thunderous Rain' on the front cover of their latest quarterly magazine and Fran's profile is heavily publicised in the first four pages, followed by a run down of Velvet Steel's career.  The magazine is issued to thousands of members world wide.

Fran has been asked to submit more material into this year's UK Songwriting Contest.  She has already sent two songs for consideration.


July 2012

Fran contacted by German rock band Velvet Steel.

They want to record her song Gamble On Love

as a track on their 20th anniversary album.  
As Fran is a songwriter member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers (GISC) she has access to their music publishers.  
As a result
Scamp Music have offered her a publishing contract for a single song assignment.


July 2010


Fran contacted by Bonnie Tyler to submit material for her new album which she will record in Nashville and is scheduled for release in January 2011.  


Capitol Records, Nashville, request song submissions for new artists.



June 2010


The results of the UK Songwriting Contest 2010.


There were 6000 entrants in 10 different categories of music. Fran had submitted 5 songs in the rock, pop and country categories.


All FIVE of Fran's songs were placed.  


  • 'Gamble On Love' and   'Sweet Child'  received semi-final status in the rock category.

  • 'Next Time Round' also reached the semi-finals in the country category.

  • 'Picture Gallery' and 'The Feeling' were afforded commended entry certificates in the pop category.


The UK Songwriting Contest was formed in association with the BRIT Trust and other major music industry organisations.  It is held annually with support from some of the biggest names in the UK and international music communities.


This year the judges also included Simon Ellis who is one of the most successful songwriter/producers/musical directors in the UK and has worked with the likes of Britney Spears.


Another judge was Richard Niles, one of the most respected writers and producers in music.  He has advised Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Cher, Mariah Carey, James Brown and many more.



May 2010

  • As promised, The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers (GISC) publish a comprehensive article on Fran in their magazine, pointing publishers and other members of The Guild towards her website.


April 2010

  • The 15th Annual USA Songwriters Competition approach Fran to submit entries.  The judges include BMG/Sony Music, Warner, Capitol Records and Universal.
  • Neil Derek from Splash Sound Records requests song submissions for various artists.
  • Prism Music Group approach Fran to submit material for The Drifters.


February 2010

  • KCMA Publishing (Nashville USA) approach Fran for various projects for numerous artists.
  • The Sound Room (Aukland, New Zealand) invite Fran to record her songs in their studio.  They deliver high quality original music online to any part of the world.
  • Song Quarters (USA) approach Fran to join them.  They provide leads, updated daily, directly from sources for the world's most successful artists.


January 2010

  • Fran approached by Kim Wilde's management to submit songs for her forthcoming album.
  • Also been approached by Starwatch to submit an entry for Germany in The Eurovision Song Contest 2010.


November 2009

  • Fran contacted by The Guild Of International Songwriters and Composers (GISC).  

    They are going to feature Fran's member profile in their next quarterly magazine. 


October 2009

  • Fran busy writing and recording some new material.
  • Invited to submit material for Good Earth Productions.  They are a new film company in the UK looking for background music and songs to accompany their films. 

September 2009


Fran Raya honoured with two
UK Songwriting Contest awards...

6000 entries in ten different categories.


The UK Songwriting Contest is held annually in association with 

  • The Brit Trust
  • The Guild of International
        Songwriters and Composers
  • The Song Copyright Organization (SCO)
  • The World Music Foundation
  • Music Aid International

The judging panel included: 

  • music industry professionals
  • assisted by Simon Cowell
  • assisted by Paul McCartney 

August 2009

Collectors Music Review" website
asks Fran, as supporting artist on the
Eric Clapton 'Just One Night' Scandinavian tour,
to submit her memoires of the tour for
inclusion on the website.

(They didn't get the autographs, though!)

June 2009

'Stole All My Love' (as 'Fran Barrie')

re-released on the Vibes Record Label.

  • Featured on Google as 'collectable vinyl'.
  • Featured on Koop Radio (Austin, Texas) playlist. 

May 2009

KCMA Publishing
(Nashville, USA) approach Fran for song material on behalf of numerous artists, including American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.

April 2009

Fran starts MySpace profile

- by September has 12,000 views.

March 2009

Fran's book of poetry "Thoughts of the Poet" published by United Press.

February 2009

Fran Raya back in the studio!